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Welcome to the world of Vardhaman Constructions, who are known for constructing flats, malls, townships, and bungalows. Vardhaman Constructions have been at the forefront of development in the real estate sector of Bhopal for 2 decades. We have expanded our projects in prime locations of the city such as Ayodhya Bypass, BHEL, Patel Nagar, Raisen Road, and many others.
Vardhaman Construction is a leading construction company in Bhopal that has executed construction work for some of the major projects in the city. We continue to alter the structural landscape through several prestigious projects where we have built Duplex in BHEL, Bhopal.
Vardhaman Constructions aims at providing the top amenities and facilities to all the customers. Some of the amenities include green parks, CCTV cameras, family lounge, open badminton court, Cricket field, Football field, Wide roads, beautifully themed parks, and many more. Having completed over 10 projects in Bhopal, we have provided people with the comfort living they deserved. One can find their dream duplex in prime areas of Bhopal like, Duplex in Raisen Road, Bhopal.

Duplex at Raisen Road

Our commitment for excellence in quality was personified through another great project by Vardhaman Constructions where we constructed Duplex near Ayodhya bypass, Bhopal. We have relentlessly explored and seized construction opportunities across the city. We aspire to be one of the top builders in Bhopal.
These projects have proved to be a big milestone for us. We are thankful to the people who have shown trust and believed us. This has constantly motivated us to give our best. Our duplexes aim at providing a comforting environment to live in, where the budget rates are surprisingly low.
We owe our success to our passion for quality and dedication to delivery schedules. With us, price is never substituted for quality, customer views are integrated and work is always executed as a team. According to us, the only way to guarantee customer satisfaction is to deliver as promised. We have a vision that challenges the common notions of design, architecture and thinking. These duplex structures not only change the lifestyles of people living but also the future blueprint of the entire city, Bhopal.









It's the peaceful getaway you’ve always wishes for! Come and see this 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom Duplex included with a family lounge that gives 1,800 sq ft of generous space to move about, all while maintaining a quaint, cozy atmosphere. You will wake up every morning surrounded by 5 lush green gardens in a peaceful environment. These Duplex in Patel Nagar, Bhopal are built inside a beautiful campus. Vadhaman City has everything that your family needs to have a peaceful and convenient living.
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When we talk about luxury duplex in Bhopal, the name which comes to our mind is Vardhman Constructions. We guarantee that you will see modern amenities that you haven’t seen before. Vardhman Constructions is a well renowned brand, using latest and state of the art technology. We believe in the using top quality raw materials for the construction of duplex. We have used aesthetic architecture techniques for all the duplexes. That is what makes Green Park the best quality project. We have utilized the space available in Duplex very well and not a single corner has been left untouched. We ensure you a quality life that will be a source of envy for others.
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Our Offering

Vardhman Constructions take immense proud in having served numerous families in Bhopal. We helped them in fulfilling their vision of living in their dream duplex. We have provided our customers with top- notch facilities and amenities for their peaceful living. We have provided them with various facilities like an open green park, which is nowadays a basic necessity for healthy living. We want our customers to enjoy fresh air and a clean environment in all the duplex. Additionally, we have constructed wide roads inside the boundaries of our campus. Our projects are located in prime locations of Bhopal, which are centrally located in the city. Comfort and ease are our main motives.

We Understand Your Needs

If you are looking for a duplex where your family can live safely in Bhopal, then you have landed in the right place, as we provide a safe environment for those living in our duplexes. We have installed CCTV cameras at every corner of the society which ensures a protected environment for all those living.
We understand the importance of physical health, therefore Vardhman constructions offer amenities like open badminton court, cricket ground, football ground, beautifully themed park, and others.With an aim to offer lavish and luxury lifestyle, Vardhman constructions strength lies on its experience and professional workforce, which aspire to give the best facilities to its clients, and are proudly doing it since 23 years.

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